Megaphone / Loudhailer / Bullhorn 45W with Siren & Detachable Microphone

This 45-Watt Megaphone is very powerfull and gives a very wide dispesion of sound. It comes with an attached remote microphone so you can deliver your message loud and clear without straining your arms. Carry the megaphone on your shoulder with the strap or place the megaphone on a table and talk into the microphone instead of holding the complete megaphone to your mouth.

The PAM005 45W Megaphone is an incredibly loud megaphone that stands out due to how easy it is to carry around with its shoulder strap and detachable palm mic. If you need to use your megaphone all day long and you need it to be SUPER LOUD and cover a great distance then this megaphone is the one for you!

  • Hand-held microphone with fixed helix cable
  • 45W output power
  • Lockable talk button and volume control at the microphone
  • Switchable siren
  • Carrying handle, shoulder strap
  • Requires 8 x “C” size batteries
  • Dimensions: 300mm diameter x 460 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • 12V DC cable to power from car lighter socket